Pirate Youth Sports

Rugby Style Flag Football


Our season is usually March-May. Please look for registration to open in January/February.

League Information:
Flag Football-Rugby style is an exciting version of Flag Football based on the principles of Rugby Football. All players will be able to run, catch, and pass the ball while playing continuously both offense or defense. Flag Football Rugby is a game founded on the principles of Integrity, Passion, Solidarity, Discipline & Respect for all players, parents, coaches and especially match officials.

$55 per person, subject to change

Players are expected to dress appropriately for the conditions. A t-shirt or jersey will be provided with registration. Cleats are recommended, but not required. Players are expected to bring their own water bottles.

Practice and Game Details:
We typically practice one day a week and have a game another day during the week.

We are always looking for coaches and volunteers. This program is ran by professional rugby coaches. They are looking to mentor parents to coach teams and the program will pay for parents to become certified. For details or questions about rugby please contact our rugby director at president@exilefootballclub.com.